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Pole Saw is a type of saw that has got a long pole for assisting in making long-distance vertical cuts. Right in the Pole Saws world, you can find different types of pole saws which you can use in different areas.

Also, if you don’t have the basic idea of Pole Saws, then it will become difficult for you to choose the Pole Saw of your choice.

On top of that, there are ample of things you got to take into consideration that can help you choose the best pole saw for you.

With that, let’s not waste any time, go ahead and unveil different types of Pole Saws

Different Types of Pole Saws

On the main basis, you will find two types of pole saws. Each of these are the two main categories of Pole Saws that do offer effective work.

Plus, there are other types of specialized Pole Saws that are members of two-parent Saws.

Given below, you will get a much detailed explanation of every single Pole Saw category.

1. Manual Pole Saw

As the name suggests, Manual Pole Saw is a type of saw that requires physical labor for functioning.

Also, you got to operate such a pole saw using your own strength, the better way.

This type of saw is quite simple in structure along with a mechanism where you can use it as per your convenience.

On top of that, a light body and a longer blade are the main criteria for a manual pole saw.

Handling of Pole Saw is among the easiest thing you can do without many issues.

Also, the maintenance and servicing for manual pole saw is a thing, you can do in the easiest way.

What’s more? Manual Pole Saw comes with much affordable pricing compared to each of its counterparts.

All of the attractive attributes make it one of the best poles saw, in this category.

Additionally, under such category of Pole Saw, you can find some of the prime saws that are given as follows:

  • Normal Manual Pole Saw
  • Tree Pruner

2.  Normal Manual Pole Saw

Moving ahead in the types of pole saws, normal manual pole saw are the ones you will generally find in the market. Whenever you will ask for a manual pole saw, you will get these types of Saws.

Such type of Pole Saw remains of a longer length and can be extended to a much far distance.

This is done for reaching higher tree branches, in the best possible way.

Additionally, you can even reach an average height from 10 to around 20 feet high standing on the ground, the better way.

Now, this might sound insane to you but manual Pole Saw are a much capable type of thing.

Also, besides the long Pole, you can even include a slightly curved blade in this scenario.

Normally, blades come with a massive number of teeth on it and even comes with edge teeth arrangements.

Additionally, it even offers sharper edges that make sure you don’t have a stroke without effective cutting.

3. Tree Pruner

Basically, a Tree pruner or hand pruner is a tool that is used for pruning down smaller twigs along with vines.

There are plenty of trees that cover themselves with smaller limbs which makes it much dense and can ruin the entire look.

Therefore, for such types of jobs, there is no need for an extremely long pole saw. Here, you can make use of a decent size Pole saw and the things will work fine for you.

Additionally, different tree pruners like each of the other Pole Saw do consist of a long pole along with a cutting head. Here, a long pole saw is a perfect fit for this type of work that you can do effectively.

The long pole saw is perfectly adjustable for matching different types of surfaces, without any issues.

Plus, each of the Tree pruners comes with a different type of structural design that can prune different surfaces.

The main difference is their cutting head where the cutting head of tree pruners are different than the rest.

It comes with a sharp small cutter on the head that is used on the basis of pulleys. Also, the cutting head comes with two pulleys each on the lower and the upper part. Each of its mechanisms comes with a rope that can be operated in a manual way for cutting.

4. Powered Pole Saw

Powered Pole Saw are that type of saw which functions automatically the moment you turn them on.

Each of these types of Pole Saw eliminates the entire fuss of manual labor and can enable you to do the work manually.

The overall structure of these saws comes with a longer pole along with a cutting head like a normal pole saw.

Here, the main difference comes with the overall power source which comes along with that.

Power pole saw can be further classified into two groups on the basis of their power usage that are as follows:

  • Cordless Pole Saw
  • Corded Pole Saw

5. Corded Pole Saw

Pole Saw that comes with a cord for their operation are known as corded pole saws. Each of such pole saw remains tied to a power source with a distinguished cord.

Normally, each of the cords remains connected to a long extension for assisting in working with far distances.

Some of the better examples of such Pole Saws are:

  • Electric Pole Saw
  • Hydraulic Pole Saw

6. Electric Pole Saw


Electric Pole saw are those types of saws that function with the help of electricity.

Yes, among different types of Pole Saws, electric are the ones that can offer you smoother cuts.

Only electric failure can result in the breakdown of the entire electric pole saw.

Plus, the body of the electric pole saw remains lighter in weight as they don’t come up with any type of powering element.

Each of such pole saw is maneuverable and you can use an electric pole saw at your convenience.

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7. Hydraulic Pole Saw


The hydraulic Pole Saw offers heavy-duty performance that ensures corded Pole Saws.

It is mainly used by different professionals that are used for clearing out the forest trees and even cleaning of bigger trees.

Plus, the entire structure of such a pole saw is different than the normal pole saws.

Each of these Pole Saw are lightweight and much easier to manage in a different stance.


8. Cordless Pole Saw

The Cordless Pole Saws are the ones that come with no sort of wiring system. Each of such Cordless Pole Saw powering system comes attached within the body.

These things eliminate the distance constraint and you can use the Pole Saw as per your own needs.

Plus, you can even move freely with the machine and can travel anywhere you want with the same.

Well, each of the Cordless Pole Saw is an ideal one for longer distances and cleaning projects.

A wide range of cordless pole saw are easily found in the market and you can choose any of them.

More to it, some of the other pole saws are as follows:

  • Gas Pole Saw
  • Battery-powered pole Saw 

9. Gas Pole Saw

If you are someone who needs some of the better and heavy-duty performance, Gas Pole Saw is the one that can do all the work, with ease.

Plus, there are different mighty pole saws that are capable of cutting down the bulky branches of trees.

Each of the Pole Saw is used for different types of forest cleaning along with the cutting of big trees.

Also, in terms of the strength of the gas pole saw, there’s no match for the same.

However, each of these Saws comes with a drawback where you will notice loud noise in the tree cutting process.

10. Battery-Powered Pole Saw

Moving ahead among the types of Pole Saws, battery-powered Pole Saw are the next best type of Pole Saw. As the name suggests, each of such Pole Saw requires a battery for operation.

Typically, each of these Pole Saw makes use of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Plus, it makes use of clean energy and is environmentally friendly too. It poses no sort of harm to the human along with environmental health too.

What’s more? A battery-powered pole saw does create lesser noise compared to different pole saws.

They are flexible for use and don’t carry too much weight either. Also, you can easily carry up this Pole saw and move it around as you want.

Conclusion: Types of Pole Saws

You need to know that pruning tasks are not similar and there are lots of dissimilarities in these types of tasks.

On the other hand, there are ample of the bigger projects where you might need heavy-duty pole saws.

Every type of Pole saw is specialized in its own way. All you need is to know the purpose of every single pole saw.

Plus, each of pole saw comes with its very own reason and delivers a different set of attributes and capabilities.

Therefore, in every case, you got to know which Pole saw can do the work for you. Once you have made up your mind, then you can easily choose that type of Pole Saw and perform cutting, the better way.




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