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Well, most of the people know that they can easily use stable guns for different types of projects. Also, we may not be aware of different options but there are tons of them. Speaking about total options, there are nine different types of nail guns where each of them has different nail guns.

Currently, there are different types of Nail guns and which ones you choose depends purely on your preference. In this article, we will try to explain to you different types of nail guns.

Without wasting any time, come along as we unwrap the nail gun types, as early as possible.

Types of Nail Guns

Given below are different types of Nail guns that you can browse, one by one.

1. Staple Nail Guns

The staple gun is one of the most used gun in projects which features thinner sheets of wood.

Most often, they all are ideal for projects in which the nail can be abrasive or can cause splitting. Now, you can get each of those in different sizes

Further, projects in which Nail guns are often used include the given things:

  • Carpet installation
  • Chairs or Upholstery on different couches
  • Birdhouses
  • Wood Panelling
  • Frame Making

2. Palm Nailers

Though we are including such things in list, palm nailer doesn’t come up with a traditional structure.

There are plenty of carpenters who make use of this tool because it eventually allows them to get tight spots like narrow slabs of wood and corners.

Plus, it even offers precision that large nail guns may not even allow.

The weight distribution is ideal too as the head of large guns can cause fatigue to the wrists.

If you do any type of woodworking project, we would recommend using any of the above along with nail guns.

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3. Roofing Nail Guns

Going ahead among different types of nail guns, you must know that the given tools are built for handling any type of material you can encounter while roofing installation like fiberglass and asphalt.

Along with staple guns, each of these are one of the better tools that you can use for installing shingles.

Here, it’s more essential for roofing different professionals that they buy a good quality gun for frequent uses.

4. Pin Nail Guns

Each of the small guns comes with nails that are fine and delicate. Each of them comes with headless nails which are generally an inch long. Plus, each of the given nails is fine and even delicate.

They are ideal to use for people who don’t want to use visible nail holes.

On top of that, the pin nail guns are better options for anyone who likes to work with a trim.

5. Brad Nail Guns

Now, one thing you got to know that the Brad Nail guns are similar to pin guns. But, they do come up with differences.

Though, the nails can be used in different projects towards pin nails that deliver better holding power.

In fact, the type of security they deliver can be compared to the larger type counterparts.

Now, each of these things creates bigger holes than Pin guns despite being smaller than other types of nail guns.

Plus, Brad guns are used on baseboard but they can work in a versatile way when used correctly.

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6. Flooring Nail Guns

There has always been a debate whether it’s good to use a flooring gun or staple gun for installing floors.

Many of people will choose a staple gun as it doesn’t require much lesser force compared to other nail guns.

However, if you think that it will benefit you, then you might be on the wrong instance.

The reason is quite simple where most of the staple guns may or may not be effective on thicker hardwood.

Final Word of Mouth

The best and quality type of Nail guns are all in front of you. Here, you have got the privilege to choose the nail guns of your choice.

After which, you can select the same and do your woodworking work to an absolute level of perfection.

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