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Cutting dry branches, bushes, the twig is a necessary thing that you got to do throughout the year. Indeed, these things are mandatory if you have a garden or even a greenery backyard. There are different types of cutters for picking up the task but the actual choice really comes down to chainsaw and Pole Saw. Also, there are some gardeners who call a pole saw as a chainsaw located on a stick. Right in this article, you will get a clear-cut comparison between Pole Saw vs Chain Saw.

So, without wasting any time, let’s go ahead and unveil a clear difference between Pole Saw vs Chain Saw.

Pole Saw vs Chain Saw: Know the Differences

There are some people who think that Pole Saw is just another chainsaw that has an extended stick to it.

However, it comes with an engine, long drive rod, and saw that resembles the chainsaw type.

Also, workers use pole saw whenever a gardener is in need for cutting off the branches to maintain systematic trimming of taller trees without ladder use.

Plus, with a limited and smaller number of trees in the backyard, there is absolutely no point to overpay for a special tool.

For this work, a manual pole saw or even a regular chainsaw is the one that is needed.

Key Features of Standard Pole Saw

Pole Saw vs Chain Saw

1. Affordability

Each of the cheap pole saw accompanied with an electric motor is simple and the most affordable one.

The expensive instruments come with a gasoline engine that is designed for straightforward and permanent operation.

The higher price is, the greater will be the productivity and power of such tools.

Of course, there is an added advantage of each pole saw having a low-powered electric motor. This causes minimum money wastage and time for maintenance is also reduced.

However, one thing you got to know is that an electric pole saw does depend upon the electric network.

Such types of instruments need extension cords as we cannot compare them to gasoline models.

Now, if each option is expensive, you can search for using a pole saw on a rental basis.

2. Different Parameter to Cut Tree Crown

If you are someone who is in need of a multifunctional instrument for trimming hedges and tree crowns, then you can buy a model with having a length of 13 to 20 inches.

Plus, each headset chain of pole saw is quite similar to standard chainsaws where you will have to choose an adequate one.

3. Basic Technical Parameters

If a tool comes with a keyless chain tension-based system, you can adjust the same without using it.

Even more, as per different gardeners, it’s convenient to work with a pruning saw, without a doubt.

You must choose an instrument that comes with automatic chain lubrication where there isn’t any need to stop work and then lubricate the saw.

Also, gardeners recommend picking instruments that come up with a 12-inch chain saw head along with the extension.

Further, you must make sure that pole length is adjustable right from 8 to 14 feet.

Each of the experts advises selecting a pole saw that comes with a maximum vertical reach of 20 feet at the max.

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Pole Saw vs Chain Saw: Advantages of Pole Saw Cutters

  • Fast Ignition

The moment you plug in, each of the electric pole saw becomes ready for use which increases productivity and efficiency.

  • Quicker Work

Electric Pole Saw is brilliant for users that appreciate comfort during each work. This type of tool allows working for a longer duration without a sense of feeling tired.

  • No Fumes

With an absence of exhaust fumes and oil, it makes the pruning saw extremely environment friendly.

  • Easier to operate

With such a feature, it eventually makes pole saw good for retired men, women, and someone who doesn’t have the physical strength.

  • Highly Efficient

With a good tool design, it offers a high torque which ultimately makes the machine efficient.

Additionally, the motor in the electric model is located to the nearest cutting part which increases power to a greater extent.

Chainsaw Features

Pole Saw vs Chain Saw

All thank goes to the internal combustion engine that is connected to a chain with sharper blades in a chain saw.

This type of simple mechanism comes with an enhanced level of reliability, in every case.

Plus, you can eventually choose between different chainsaw types that are given as follows:

  • Gasoline chainsaw

These chainsaws are good for occasional uses. Here, the greater advantage is that the chainsaw comes with a lighter weight and smaller size.

Most often, such a chainsaw is used for cutting smaller amounts of firewood to ignite and burn the surface.

Here, the basic capabilities of a gasoline chainsaw is quite limited where experts recommend using a chainsaw for not more than 2 hours a day.

  • Electric chainsaw

These chainsaws are powerful and at the same time multifunctional. Here, you can use it up to 16 hours in a day without any sort of break.

Pros of using Chainsaw vs Pole Saw

  • Most of the Chainsaw doesn’t need a power supply whereas a corded pole saw is inconvenient for such type of a role.
  • Chainsaws are the best to use in most environments.
  • Electric chainsaws is one of the most powerful ones
  • Chainsaw can work for longer durations without any interruption
  • Gasoline tools come with a higher level of reliability along with lifelong service life.

Pole Saw vs Chain Saw: Cons of Chainsaw

The chainsaw does come up with several disadvantages whereas the prominent ones are as follows:

  • Gasoline tools are harmful to the environment along with human health because they emit fumes.
  • Plus, Gasoline instruments produce louder noises while working when we compare them with other saws
  • Gasoline instruments do produce vibrations which make the entire working process complicated.
  • Petrol driven saws got to be filled with gasoline on a regular basis that results in expenses
  • It’s very problematic for starting off the gasoline engine whenever there is cold outside.

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Final Word of Mouth: Pole Saw vs Chain Saw

Summing up the article, we have got you complete Pole Saw vs Chain Saw review.

Indeed, each saw has got its pros along with cons and you can read the above article, in a better way.

After which, you will have a clearer idea for which saw you need to go, and then you can go ahead, use any of the saw as per their individual needs.

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