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Whenever you are thinking about pruning each of the thick vines or even branches, a pole saw will eventually pop up in your mind. Indeed, any of the good prone saw trims off the tree branches along with vines.

With the same, each of the tree vines grows healthier, thereafter. Right now, we have got you some of the best Pole Saw cutting techniques.

Therefore, before you can proceed towards cutting off the tree branches and vines, knowing the right technique is essential.

You must exactly know how to prune tree branches that can help you cut those, in an effective way.

Right now, let’s not waste any time and quickly go ahead to cut down the tree branches with the help of a Pole Saw.

7 Pole Saw cutting Techniques

Whenever you cut or even trim down the branches, it actually helps in developing good and beneficial branches of a tree.

However, before you can actually proceed further, you must know each of the tree cutting techniques, in a better way.

Technique 1: Know the Cuts

Each of the trees comes with a particular shape and thereby, cutting techniques will be quite different.

Also, before you can start cutting off the tree or branches, you must have some sort of knowledge on each of the cutting methods.

For instance, you will have to prune flower trees along with fruit ones only after the blooming session is over.

Additionally, for each of the evergreen trees, removing dead leaves along with branches will work pretty fine.

Technique 2: Preparing Workspace & Safety Requirements

Using a Pole Saw in a tidy space environment can be quite risky and challenging.

Therefore, we would suggest you to start off by clearing the area under a tree to do the cuts.

Additionally, you must be clear that none of the individuals are present under the tree branch during the overall pruning process.

Especially, there should be none of the kids present at the time of pruning, in any case.

It will eventually help you to remove the dead leaves along with branches.

Yet again, you must wear gloves along with protective goggles for avoiding any of the hazardous events.

Technique 3: Begin from Tree Bottom

Planning out where you can make the very first cut is an important part of the pole saw cutting technique.

As per our experience, making out a bottom along with a horizontal cut is among the better solutions right at the beginning of tree pruning.

Here, you got to choose the topmost tree branch which needs pruning and you can start from there itself.

Also, it’s recommended that you got to make a V-Shape cut for the very first instance. For the same, you can create an angle from the underside and then make a beveled cut.

After which, you can repeat the similar cut from the bottom right on the opposite side for creating up a V-shape cut.

Plus, it would be quite better if you can begin with a bark layer and then reach the wood section.

In this type of way, gravity can help you up in cutting the wood, the simplest way.

Additionally, most of the water sprouts are vertical where you can cut on horizontal position for making it quite helpful.

Technique 4: Repositioning of Saw Blade

In such a case, you can easily use your hands for securely position the pole saw blade in a horizontal position.

Then, you can align that with a tree branch in an effective way.

Now, the moment you have taken control over the Saw weight, then you can reposition it correctly until the same is perfect.

Also, each of the things is crucial as the saw weight will associate with gravity for cutting off the stems.

Technique 5: Secure the Position

Moving ahead among different Pole Saw cutting techniques, you must always move towards the right end as and when you hold the saw firmly on your active hand.

Additionally, while you are staying on the ladder, a tree branch must be located on the very chest level.

This will eventually help if you will stay below as it will challenge the saw moving upward and downward.

Technique 6: Make continuous Cuts

The moment you are ready with the Pole Saw and you are in complete control over the position, you can make the first cut with the pole saw.

Plus, you must ensure that you have complete control over the cutting procedures.

Further, you can begin with a perpendicular position and reach through the deepest position of the branch.

Your aim is towards creating a groove-in unit that can work as a cutting guideline for you.

Also, in some cases, the first cut may move a bit towards the sideways section.

If this thing happens, you don’t have to panic even for a second. Just stop the cut, take a long breath and then start cutting, all over again.

Technique 7: Finish the Cuts

Right after you have created the groove, you can increase the speed of the blade gradually and then finish off the first cut.

Then, you can proceed with the same method for cutting off all the tree branches, work in patience, and then you can focus on cutting accuracy.

Final Word of Mouth

Right now, if you can follow the above Pole Saw cutting techniques, then you can cut wood to an absolute level of perfection.

Here, you can expect to get a satisfactory cutting result in a shorter duration.

Additionally, operating a pole saw is easy where you can expect a lot of fun in this process.

On the other hand, the moment you proceed in different cuts, make sure that there is a tree underneath and the ladder is placed quite securely for preventing fall-offs.

Altogether, if you can follow each of the Pole Saw cutting techniques accurately, then you can cut wood using Pole saw, in a beneficial and stress-free way.

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