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All of us know that a blunt blade can destroy the entire cutting experience to some good extent. With this, knowing to sharpen a pole saw blade is among the most important things. If you accurately know the good ways for sharpening the pole saw blade, then things can become a lot easier for you.

This article will take you through a complete walkthrough in sharpening up the blade to some better extents.

Come along as we unwrap the good ways to sharpen pole saw blades.

How to Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade

For your easement, we have divided the entire process into three simpler steps.

Right in this tutorial, we will help you learn the two ways to sharpen a pole saw blade.

This will be done with the help of a grinder or a file. Any of the given methods can bring back the sharpness of the pole saw within minutes.

Fun Fact: The very same method is applicable to sharpen the chainsaw chain.

  • Tools you need:
  • File OR Grinder
  • Grease or Lubricating Oil
  • Brush Wire
  • Control Rope or Vise

Pre-Requisite Step

For each one of those who is doing this type of work for the first time, we would recommend you to use protective gear and safety precautions.

You got to wear eye goggles, gloves along with a long sleeve shirt for effective protection.

Also, while you are sharpening the blade, there can be smaller metals that can eventually put your skin to the face. Therefore, it’s better that you have all of the gears in place.

Step 1: Secure & Clean

If pole saw is attached straight to the pruner, you got to unscrew it first and you just need a saw blade.

  • Next up, you will require a tool to secure the saw blade before you can begin with the process.
  • After that, you can keep in mind the following things before starting out:
  • Keep a pole saw in place through the process by using a control rope or a vise.
  • Clamp or secure the saw blade on a table vise or on a boxing surface
  • Tightly secure pole saw using a serrated edge that is facing upwards
  • The moment blade is set tightly, you can clean the dust off wood chips and dirt using brush wire.
  • Dab off orange oil for cleaning the blade in between the saw teeth.
  • When the blade is free from tree debris, you can eventually startup with a sharpening procedure.

Step 2a: Metal File

  • One of the simpler and oldest ways for sharpening up a pole saw blade is with the use of FILE ROD
  • If you can look closely, the blade comes with sharper edges both in the back and front end. While sharpening, Start off with the side from the end Closet moving towards you and then work your way towards the other end.
  • Here, take a piece of a metal file and effectively position the same at an angle of 45 degrees. You don’t need to sharpen a blade using the rod keeping it perpendicular to the blade. Plus, hold the blade tighter with one hand along with another tip of the rod. From there, you can check the method you are finding most convenient.
  • Use the file against the back edge of the tooth for effective cutting. While you are sharpening, effectively avoid pushing files back and then forth.
  • Repeat a similar process with every tooth until you reach the clear end of the blade

Also, as and when you are done with the back edge of teeth, you can evenly flip the blade to another direction. Or else, you can shift your position right to the opposite end.

You can repeat the filing again with the front edge of the teeth, in a beneficial way.

Picking the File

Going ahead to sharpen a pole saw blade, you must know that the File comes in different shapes and sizes.

In such a case, you got to determine the proper file rod for using the blade that will eventually make the task a lot easier.

Further, the size of the file must fit between every tooth, in the most beneficial way. You even have to file the entire length of the teeth so that it fits in a good way.

For the Pole Saw Blades, we recommend DIAMOND and WHETSTONE files.

Using such files will improve the sharpness of the pole saw to some good extent.

Step 2b: Grinder

There are tons of people who prefer using this equipment when we compare it with a metal file. It’s among the faster methods that can sharpen the Pole Saw, at a rapid pace.

Plus, any sort of small grinder can get the work done in an easier way.

But, we even recommend using the angle grinder to make things easier.

Before you can Start: You got to make sure the saw blade is secured using a clamp.

Here, there are chances that you can damage the pole saw blade if the same is improperly fastened.

Also, you got to familiarize with the teeth angle of your grinding disc. Both must be accurately aligned with each other in a proper way.

Step 2: How to Perform

Startup with the back portion of teeth. From there, you can lower down angle grinder and eventually slide the disc against every side.

Pre-Caution Tip: The Grinder direction must be away from you in every possible case.

In contrast to filing, you don’t need to put much pressure whenever you are sharpening the blade using a grinder.

It must always be familiar with the angel of teeth along with your grinding disc.

The moment you have managed to sharpen the blade, you can pause for a bit and then check on the work done.

Further, you can look at the edges and then adjust the pressure of the grinder, a better way.

Plus, if sharpened edges seem to be a bit low, that means you are simply applying too much of pressure.

You can perform the above things for each teeth from the backside.

Then, you can simply repeat the same process and then easily work your way right to the other side of the Pole saw.

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Step 3: Giving Finishing touches

Once you are done with the sharpening of the tooth using a Pole Saw blade, you must feel proud. You have passed the harder path with ease.

Such a thing effectively keeps the blade shiny and prevents rust along with corrosion.

Also, adding oil on regular basis enhances the durability and even keeps the pole saw sharpness to some good extents.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safety precautions needed to Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade?

  • Like most of the DIY projects, you must wear each of the protective gear like cut-resistant gloves or any type of gloves that are thick enough to protect it from any metal cuts.
  • Plus, you got to put on safety gear for your eyes such as goggles or even glasses.
  • Whether you want to use a file or any grinder, you must push against your direction.
  • Pull out the plug off from your electric saw, afterward

Should I Remove the Pol Saw Blade from Saw?

Now, you got to know that this step isn’t necessary and things depend on the equipment you are using for sharpening the Pole Saw blade.

The easiest way to do the same is to use a control rope or a clamp for securing the pole saw blade.

If you are making use of a grinder machine using a stand, you can Unscrew the pole saw and then secure a clampdown the pole saw blade.

Can you sharpen the Tree Pruner Blade or even Pruning Saw?

Yes, any good pruner blade or even pruning saw can be used for larger trees along with shrubs. Yet again, the entire process of sharpening saw blade is the same just like a regular pole saw.

A Take on Pole Saw Maintenance

First of all, Pole Saws are able to reach and even trim the top part of trees along with large shrubs.

However, as the work requires much extending of arms for a good period of time, dull blade leads to more number of time wasted.

Plus, sharp pole saw changes everything such as:

  • It speeds up the work to some good extents
  • Cuts through thicker tree branches without any issues

Conclusion: How to Sharpen a Pole Saw Blade

So, there you go! This ends up the guide and you must have known the best ways to sharpen a Pole Saw blade.

There can be times when you may not be able to sharpen the pole saw.

In such a scenario, you can simply follow the above guide to sharpen a Pole Saw Blade.

With effective practice, you can easily sharpen up the blade and then perform cutting with a Pole Saw, in the best possible way.

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