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Are you someone who needs Pole Saw that can be long-lasting? If that is the case then this article is the one for you. The one true answer is to maintain a pole saw and make sure that its cleaning is on point.

Plus, you got to be servicing the Pole Saw at regular intervals so that the Pole Saw can run for much longer hours than usual. Altogether, if you can properly maintain or service a pole saw, things can turn out to be pretty well for you.

You must know that maintenance doesn’t require tons of work. Therefore, in these types of scenarios, you can take it as fun to do your maintenance of the pole saw.

Also, there isn’t any sort of alternative to maintaining Pole Saw in any case. Keeping such things into place, if you care for your Pole Saw, it will definitely work, the best possible way.

Given below are some of the better tips to maintain a Pole Saw. So, let’s go ahead and uncover each of the tips, one by one.

How to Maintain a Pole Saw: Important Tips

Everyone has got their own way of doing tasks and that is alright. There is no sort of hard and fast rule for the same that is another good thing. Plus, you can have your own process of cleaning Pole Saw but if you can get a better way, then things can get much better for you.

However, different Pole Saw offers different types of structures and offers divergent maintenance techniques.

With that, having a much better maintenance technique is useful that can help you in overall Pole Saw cleaning.

Manual Pole Saw

Manual Pole Saw offers a much-prolonged body and even comes with a long curved blade. Plus, the blades of the particular saw come with a tri-edged teeth arrangement that makes cutting easier.

Also, this type of Pole Saw does have the option of detaching the blade from the Pole and making it easier for overall servicing. You can even maintain the total saw quality with adequate servicing measures.

Dusting off

In this scenario, you can take off the blade from the pole, spray orange oil on the blade and you are good to go. After which, you can brush off the same with a brass bristle brush. Here, the brush will help you in cleaning the blade along with the teeth area without making it look dull.

Plus, you can even clean off the sand, sawdust along with all the unwanted dirt off the narrow teeth gaps.

Sharpening the Teeth

First of all, the dull blade means series of unsuccessful cuts. It’s most important to have a sharper pole saw blade that can be effective in cutting off the surfaces. Additionally, for achieving such results, you will have to sharpen the blade regularly.

Additionally, you will need a knife file if you want the cuts to be accurate and smooth at the same time.

Here, you can apply more than one stroke along with a similar number of strokes on every teeth. Plus, you got to make sure that the strokes are precise and offer equal sharpening throughout the blade.

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Cleaning of Dirt Buildups

Speaking about the wider side of the blade that is opposite to the teeth, it can get depositions of oil and greasy dirt.

For cleaning up each of those things, you will require orange oil for softening up the dirt and sandpaper.

Additionally, you can apply the Orange Oil on paper and eventually rub the same on the affected site.

Smoothly apply the Orange oil on paper and then rub the same on the affected site.

You got to rub it properly for cleaning off the unnecessary buildups from the blade, in a better way.

Powered Pole Saw

Powered Pole Saw comes with Chain Blades. Additionally, besides those blades, they even come up with other important parts.

As they are known as powered devices, cutting heads is complicated than each of the manual pole saws.

In such a scenario, regular maintenance is something you got to do if you are willing for the proper functioning of the Saw.

Basic Cleaning

For the process of basic cleaning, you can make use of a damp cloth piece and easily wipe out the pole saw. Additionally, some of the dirt, grease, or even oil can get stuck with the pole saw along with other areas.

Therefore, you got to make sure that you clean the Pole Saw after every use with a clean damp cloth to remove all of the dirt.

Tightening and Loosening Chain

Moving ahead to maintain a Pole Saw, you will have to work with a tight chain whenever you have the will to cut off the tree branches with a Pole Saw. However, after the work, you got to make sure that you are loosening up the chain.

Each of the chain’s high tension will expand it and this will damage the chain at any point in time. Therefore, you got to retain its longevity and you must always loosen the chain after usage.

Sharpening the Chain

The continuous friction combined with hard surfaces does makes the blade look dull. There can be cases when it can get damaged whenever it comes in contact with the nails or other types of materials.

Additionally, it ruins the edginess of the blade where you got to sharpen the chain blade on a routine basis.

Plus, it won’t take you much time to sharpen up the blade but each of the results will be incredible.

In every case, you will achieve better results each time you are using a saw.

Oiling the Cutter

As you know that Pole Saw is a motor-based device, you got to oil Pole Saw in order to make it function, the best possible way. Without any type of oiling, entire machinery will be jammed and the Pole Saw won’t be used for any sort of effective cutting purpose.

This will result in the wear-off for the device along with metal components that will decay on a gradual basis.

Plus, it will result in damaging the system to detrimental extents. Keeping these things into consideration, you will have to avoid each of these things.

Keenly, you can oil the Pole Saw from time to time and make sure that the Pole Saw runs in a much smoother manner.

Wrapping Things Up

Going at the concluding phase of the article, the best and helpful tips to maintain a Pole Saw are all given here.

With the same, you can keenly look at each of the above tips that can help you in keeping your Pole Saw, to the best possible extents.

After you have learned each of the ways, then the way will be clearer for you. Thereafter, you can maintain a Pole Saw, the quality and brilliant way.

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