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Do you undertake woodwork and are in hunt of best reciprocating saw? Worry not! We are here to help you pick world-class reciprocating saw from the rest.

Did you know- Reciprocating saw makes demolition, renovation, and remodeling work lot easier and fun.

But first, let’s understand what the actual meaning of a reciprocating saw is.

Reciprocating saw is a tool that cuts through anything short of rock. It is best used for demolition and remodeling.

Well, currently, there are tons of best-reciprocating saw reviews in the market. But, picking the best one can be a stringent task.

Therefore, we as a team of Sawing experts have chosen some of the best reciprocating saw for every cutting.

Each of the saw has been chosen after a rigorous amount of testing on different materials.

Let’s study in detail about top these ten best reciprocating saw, and we will help you out to purchase the best one.

Best Reciprocating Saw for 2020 and Beyond (Expert Reviews)

1. MILWAUKEE 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL RECIPROCATING SAW (Best Rated Reciprocating Saw)

best reciprocating saw

In search of durability and faster-cutting speed? The MILWAUKEE 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL RECIPROCATING SAW is the best reciprocating saw that you have come across.


  • It contains a patented gear protecting clutch.
  • The Saw has an excellent cutting performance and extremely convenient to use.
  • It is an overly high-quality tool and comes with built-in LED light.
  • It comes with a quick-charging battery.


  • It comes with little noise from inside.

First of all, the tool gives you overload protection using total system communication between device, battery and charger.

Milwaukee contains a power state brushless motor that provides constant power for a faster cut and extended life.

Also, it’s extended capacity battery pack delivers up to 2X run time.

For optimum performance and protection from overheating and overcharging Sawzall reciprocating saw features an adjustable shoe, integrated LED light and hang hook for storage.

This one will give the user a great gift. At the same time, Milwaukee is perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Also, its High quality built quality and precision has earned the MILWAUKEE 2720-20 M18 SAWZALL RECIPROCATING SAW, a renowned position in the marketplace.

So go for this reciprocating tool without a second thought. So purchase this one if you want real power to tackle your projects.

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best reciprocating saw

If you are in search for a best reciprocating saw that fulfills multiple purposes then, the Worx Wx550L Reciprocating saw is a brilliant one.


  • Keeps all those dust and debris away from the surface of your cut.
  • Battery life lasts longer and is easy to use.
  • An overall high-quality tool.
  • The Saw is quite compact and lightweight.


  • It contains a switch that does not coincide with your finger/hand on everyday work.
  • It does not provide considerable space to detect cut.

The best part of this reciprocating saw is that it is compact and light weighted and is made for more intricate cutting.

You get a battery with this tool that can be used on any of the 20V power on the Worx power share platform. In short, it uses virtually any blade.

No need to spend money on two separate tools as this one is capable of dealing with a wide variety of cutting tasks.

Plus, it has orbital cutting with a slight circular motion that makes it efficient for most of the material.

Eventually, Worx Wx550L Reciprocating saw is the best reciprocating saw, is compatible and has more extensive blade compatibility.

What’s more? The Worx WX550L comes with innovative designs to remove all the possibility of misalignment. This results in faster cutting with more accuracy and precision.

Lastly, It comes with battery, charger, and blade that makes it a complete package altogether.

Working in a pleasant environment is all that we aim for. It helps to get the job more efficiently and causes less strain on your hands. You get two great saws in one handy tool.

Purchase this one. We guarantee you, you will never regret it! Despite the downsides, this reciprocating saw is well worth the price.

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best rated reciprocating saw

It is one of the best corded reciprocating saw if you are looking for a keyless lever-action blade clamp. It has a powerful 12 amp motor designed specifically for heavy-duty applications.


  • It provides 0-2,900 strokes per minute with a 1-1/8” stroke length.
  • Saves time, effort and is light in weight
  • Extremely durable and flexible.
  • It delivers a 4-position blade clamp for effortless flush cutting.


  • No tool bag is provided with this product.
  • There is no vibration control.

This best rated reciprocating saw comes with a variable speed trigger that lets you control speed.

Furthermore, the variable speed trigger delivers exact control by letting the user to instantly control the speed at the trigger.

You get this with a four-position blade clamp that allows flush cutting and increases versatility.

Also, it’s keyless lever-action blade clamp makes blade changes easy and quick.

Moreover use this on wood or nail embedded wood, light to heavy gauge metals, dry walls or plaster, plastics, rubber to fiberglass.

Give kudos to this best corded reciprocating saw. It will help you deal with all types of heavy application skilfully.

Altogether, it brings beautiful design for better assessment to compact spaces and comes at a reasonable price which allows you to do different tasks.

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best rated reciprocating saw

Need reciprocating saw that is lightweight, versatile and at the same time easy to use, Black and Decker 20V reciprocating saw is an ultimate choice.


  • Cordless reciprocating saw that features a powerful 3000 speed per minute motor.
  • Consists of a variable speed trigger and electric brake that provides additional control.
  • Longer-lasting battery.
  • It comes with a variable adjustable speed.


  • It is a bare tool item as the battery comes separately.
  • Vibration is a problem for some users.

Starting with the features, you get an on-off switch feather that prevents unintentional operations.

It is a perfect combination of features and processes. Moreover, it is lightweight in construction and weighs just 4 pounds.

What’s more? It has an adjustable pivoting shoe that makes it easy to use and efficient. Plus this one comes with tool-free blade change.

You get two years limited warranty and have gained 4.5 out of 5 stars. So go ahead and make this your first choice.

Altogether, Black and Decker 20V reciprocating saw tops the list for the best budget buy and is very convenient for any workplace.

This reciprocating tool is capable of handling day to day, cutting tasks with ease.

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best corded reciprocating saw

Tack life 12V Max reciprocating saw is a lightweight and one-hand design feature that provide superior control and versatility all in tight space. Its dual switch safety control will avoid getting hurt which ensures safety.


  • Used for light construction and demolition work.
  • It contains a double safety switch and battery indicator.
  • Offers Clamping Jaw & Battery Indicator
  • Lightweight & One-hand Design


  • It does not work for trimming ornamental grasses as well as for light pruning.

First of all, it delivers lightweight and comfortable cutting which is ideal for home projects.

On top of that, it’s is economically designed to get a tight grip and makes things much flawless.

Track life 12V max comes with a power indicator that allows you to measure the level of battery charge.

Also, it is equipped with a clamping jaw that increases friction in operation which helps in to control the cut position.

It has an effective security system which makes it one of the best rated reciprocating saw.

Moreover get a full charge in just 1 hour, what more one can ask for. It is the best product to live a more convenient and secure life.

Undoubtedly Tack life 12V max is one of the best in the market.

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reciprocating saw reviews

Porter-cable 20V max reciprocating saw delivers high performance 1” stroke length and 0-3,000 speed per minute.


  • It has a tool-free blade release.
  • The variable tool enables you to get more control for cutting a variety of materials.
  • Compact design that allows the tool to reach each tight spaces
  • It comes with High Performace Drivetrain.


  • It requires one non-standard battery.

It comes with three years warranty. We are cheering this best reciprocating saw. Grab this one and rule the world.

Also, its great compact design lets this tool reach tight spaces easily.

Altogether, this reciprocating saw has gained 4.5 out of 5 stars and has a contoured over the molded handle that is efficiently optimized for increased comfort.

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best reciprocating saw

Get class in-line vibration delivered with this reciprocating saw. It is electric powered and doesn’t require a battery.


  • This tool suppresses the vibration up to 35% better than the competition.
  • It comes with a variable speed trigger that helps control the speed in cutting materials.
  • The strong 13 amp motor delivers enough power to cut every stuff.
  • It offers a secure and Blade-less tool clamp.


  • Skillsaw tool does not come with a storage case.

Skilsaw SPT 44A-00 13 reciprocating saw has 1-1/8 stroke length helps to control speed for cutting specialized materials.

Rated 4.6 in terms of reciprocating saw reviews, this tool outperforms any reciprocating tool that you have used before

It is comfortable, easy to use and will not wear out you or your tool.

No matter what you are cutting grab this tool and make the work easier without getting annoyed with the irritating buzzing noise.

So pull the trigger and feel the difference with the Skilsaw SPT 44A-00 13 reciprocating saw.

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reciprocating saw reviews

If you are in the hunt for quick and efficient blade changes with adjustable features this reciprocating saw is the best one for you.


  • This reciprocating saw comes with a convenient plastic storage case.
  • The adjustable feature makes even the most challenging work easier.
  • Blade and shoe changes are easy and painless.
  • It comes with a plastic case for convenient storage.


  • Lack of orbital movement reduces the potential of this tool.

Firstly, the MAKITA JR3050T RECIPROCATING SAW comes with 11 AMP motor with variable speed.

It also has a 1-1/8 inch blade stroke that makes it more efficient in terms of cutting.

Also, when it comes to price and quality, Makita is a great choice that can beat every other saw in the market.

It is easy to maintain, and ball and needle bearings extend the life of the tool. This one is best for all-day use improved performance.

Also, the product comes with a dust blower feature that helps to clear all those specks of dust and debris from the line of cut.

Longer tool life and durable body design are considered the best.

Altogether, with longevity and material quality, the MAKITA JR3050T RECIPROCATING SAW is a must-buy for any skilled worker.

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reciprocating saw reviews

With tool-free and effortless changing of saw blades, the GALAXY PRO 7.5 AMP ELECTRIC SAW lets you switch between blades easily.


  • This tool is powered by a powerful 7.5a 900-watt motor that will allow you to easily cut materials.
  • It cuts through metal conduit, copper pipe, PVC tubing, wood, wood with nails and plasterboard.
  • It contains a variable speed control feature and locks on the button.
  • The Saw offers effortless blade changing.


  • Galaxy Pro·is are pretty big.

With the GALAXY PRO 7.5, AMP ELECTRIC SAW, you can remove and install blades with just one touch.

Its electronic speed control allows variable speed with smooth acceleration.

So with this tool-free up your hands for greater control and reduce fatigue.

It is one of the best reciprocating saw if you are looking for comfort.

What’s more? It’s ideal for general construction, electricians, plumbers, and farmers.

Plus it provides you Galaxy 5pcs reciprocating saw blade free that is yet another amazing thing.

Gets this reciprocating tool making it affordable to all. It hardly matters whether you are right or left-handed.

Lastly, the tool comes with a comfortable soft-grip silicon handle making it suitable to both.

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reciprocating saw reviews

If you want the power and performance to stand up to even the toughest job, then Dewalt 20V max reciprocating saw is the one that you should go for.


  • Increased blade control provides faster-cutting speed.
  • Adjustable shoe extends the life of the blade and allows the depth of cut control.
  • Double oiled, sealed shaft prevents contamination and increases durability.


  • It is a bare tool item, and its battery comes separately.

If looking for power and performance to match the speed application perfectly then this saw is the right choice.

Just trust in our words and spend your money you buy this icebreaker. By far this is one of the best reciprocating saw in the market.

It comes with a four-position blade clamp, which is used for flush cutting and increases potential versatility with tool-free blade changes.

Further, it consists of 1-1/8” stroke length, which helps to deliver faster-cutting speed and the variable speed trigger with 0-3000 stroke per minute.

Eventually, you can trust Dewalt 20V Max reciprocating saw because they are sturdy and are designed through extensive Jobsite research so that the professionals get what they want.

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Best Reciprocating Saw Buyers Guide by Experts

Still, finding it difficult to buy the best reciprocating saw? Well, we have got for you an exclusive

  • MOTOR:

With the change of technology, battery-powered devices work as harder. This allows users the freedom to move about the job without the help of a plug.

Pick cordless reciprocating saw with a brushless motor. As the brushless motor is easily electronically commutated.


Reciprocating saw cells come with several voltages: 12V, 18V, 20V, 24V, 28V, and 36V. The nominal voltage will only help you tell the part of the story as to how much a battery can perform.

Only watt-hours are the common count of power among batteries. To find the watt-hours multiply the nominal voltage by amp hours. This way, you can compare how much a cell can do.


Stroke speed and stroke length form an essential part. Cutting speed of reciprocating saw varies from 2,600 to 3,000 strokes per minute.

To compare the cutting speed of the saw takes the linear inches per minute by multiplying stroke length.

It would be best if you went for at least 1-1/8” stroke length and 3000 speed per minute.


Go for a reciprocating saw that has reliable, tool-free blade change mechanisms.


Adjustable shoe stabilizes the saw against the workpiece and helps to reduce the vibrations.

The flat face of the shoe is an essential part. It should move slightly back and forth to account for the changes in the blade angle throughout the cut.

Our suggestion would be to look for an adjustable shoe that can extend and react.


A variable speed trigger is also essential as you do not want reciprocating saw going full bore.

Modulate the tool speed with the help of a trigger and always choose a stroke per minute rate. Go for a slower pace for cutting metal and faster for wood.

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Conclusion: Best Reciprocating Saws 2020

There is a wide variety of saws in the market for various budgets, uses, and user types, but it is essential to choose the correct one efficiently.

So buy the best reciprocating saw and get work done hassle-free. Get the best reciprocating saw today and get the job done comfortably.

Hope we helped you narrow down all the details needed in terms of best reciprocating saws. According to reciprocating saw reviews, all these products have been rated above 4.4 by the customers.

Go ahead and select the ones that are perfect for your work.


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