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When going out to purchase the best band saw, what should be the most important thing to keep in mind?

Well, there can be many factors of a motor or saw such as adjustment technique, space, blades, price, durability and many more, which makes it more appealing and advance.

Thus, we have listed some of the Top-rated band saws for you to select the best one for yourself as per your needs and uses.

After making big research, trying different models and observing the best qualities, I have made this exclusive review. 

But, which one should you purchase?

Clearly, you cannot buy them all. So, just have a simple look at this article and our investigated best band saws to get the perfect view and product according to your needs.

Best Band Saws 2020

  1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw
  2. Grizzly Industrial G0513ANV Band Saw
  3. Shop Fox W1706 Band Saw
  4. Delta 28-400 Band Saw
  5. Rikon 10-305 Band Saw
  6. WEN 3962 Band Saw
  7. Grizzly G0555LX band Saw
  8. WEN 3959 Band Saw
  9. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw
  10. ShopSeries RK7453 Band Saw



best bandsaw for the money

Sometimes, a good design and features of machines do everything suitably.

This JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw is one of the top-rated band saws which delivers the best results for woodworking.


  • Great capacity
  • Quick adjustment
  • Large table
  • Easy-view blade tracking window
  • Versatile use


  • Nothing as Such

It has the best capacity which allows you to rip pieces up to 12” in height while protecting you with retractable blade guard which is adjustable from 0 to 12 inches.

Moreover, it comes with a very large table at 15” by 15” and an amazing blade adjustable feature which both are easy and quick.

The 2-speed poly v belt drive system and an easy-view blade tracking window allow adjusting the aligned blade as per your requirement.

Additionally, this best band saw will help you to work easily on all kinds of different size projects and everything without using a riser block.

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2. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14-inch band saw

top rated band saws

The MBAND1412-175 from Laguna has some serious specs that make it different than any other regular band saws in the market.


  • Incredibly powerful
  • Versatile
  • Feature-rich tool
  • Capable of handling many tasks
  • Very good value


  • Nothing as Such

There is a powerful 1-3/4 horsepower motor to give you plenty of power to cut pretty much anything and even to resaw impenetrable hardwoods.

Talking about the resawing, this best band saw has a massive 12-inch cutting height to help you get some serious resawing.

Moreover, the throat capacity is also high at 13-5/8 inches while there is an aluminum Hi-Low fence installed too, for handling wider material.

Additionally, the frame is solid steel and wheels and table are cast-iron. All run very smoothly and makes this saw an easily usable product.

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3. Shop Fox W1706 Band Saw

best bandsaw for woodworking

If you do not wish to buy additional accessories for you new saw, then try Shop Fox W1706 Band Saw. It comes with quite a lot of features to help you keep your work intact.


  • Rip Fence and miter gauge
  • Adequate power
  • Spacious cutting table
  • Extension kit
  • Two-years warranty


  • Guide bearings are fragile

This best band saw features a spacious cutting table of 14 by 24 inches which with the help of an extension kit can be expanded. It can simply help you to cut at least 12-inches thick pieces.

On the other hand, a 1-horsepower motor delivers adequate power to permit blade speeds of 15000 and 3200 FMP (feet per minute).

Moreover, it includes a rip fence and miter gauge to offer precise angles and perfect cross-cut. The features are also packed with cast iron blade wheels, 4-inch dust port, ball-bearing blade guide, and aluminum fence.

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4. Delta 28-400 Band Saw

best budget bandsaw

The best band saw should be the one that can provide you with the most effortless yet best performance, juts like Delta28-400 Band Saw.


  • Two-speed operation
  • Table tilts 45 degrees
  • Simple blade tracking adjustment
  • High cutting capacity


  • Changing speed is a pain
  • Not much features

The Delta band saw contains a firm 1-horsepower motor that offers two speeds viz, 1620 FPM and 3340 FPM, to allow you cut both woods and metals easily.

This includes a sturdy oversized table that measures 15 ¾ by 18 inches and tilts 45 degrees to the right. This helps you with 6” high cutting capacity, without even including riser block.

In addition to this, the precision ground nine-spoken wheels are added to make the process of black adjustment quite effortless.

Further, the machine’s other features include durable aluminum, rubber-coated upper and lower 9 spoke wheels, cast iron table and easy tensioning system for ease and comfort.

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5. Rikon 10-305 Band Saw

best band saw

If you need your machine for smaller projects, then you should check out the Rikon 10-305 band saw as it comes with lack of power and is perfect for moderate works.


  • Powers through softwoods
  • Quality parts
  • Oversized cast iron table
  • Steel frame
  • Cleaner cut


  • Struggles with hardwood
  • Small dust port

Perfect for smaller projects, this Rikon small band saw comes with moderate power and 1/3HP motor for you to handle softwoods easily.

One of the great things about this best band saw is that it contains an oversized cast iron table of 13 ¾ inches and a steel frame which is quite valuable ta this rate.

Further, a rip fence and micro-adjustable guidepost are included for free hand work and raise or lower the guide post height simultaneously.

What’s more? It does not vibrate much just like the other units, rather include a micro-adjust handle that provides cleaner cuts.

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6. WEN 3962 Band Saw

best small bandsaw

To get a cheap but reliable and well working product, invest your money in this WEN 3962 band saw. It gives you incredible value for the price.


  • Great work light
  • Beveling table
  • Two speeds
  • 3-in-1 dust port
  • Highly adjustable


  • Changing of the blade is difficult
  • Hard initial setup

For your convenience, this best band saw carries 10” table that can lift to 45 degrees, leading to highly-adjustable mode.

Coming with 3-in-1 dust port, this saw is compatible if you already own dust collection system to meet the need of making hoses.

Equipped with a full 6 inches of resaw capacity and a variety of blades of 72 inches, it makes your work more efficient.

Additionally, it features a 2-year warranty, a work light, a fence, a miter gauge, and a 3/8-inch blade and 3.5-amp motor to create cuts more than 6 inches deep.

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7. Grizzly G0555LX band Saw

band saw reviews

This Grizzly G0555LX band Saw is the best band saw for woodworking if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable saw with lots of features.


  • Quality fence
  • Low vibration
  • Cast-iron wheels
  • Excellent power


  • Poor dust collection

This best band saw comes with the amazing formulation that contains cast-iron wheels with rubber tires, upper and lowers ball bearing blades.

Further, it comes with good power and a larger table that makes operation easier. Also, it contains a high-quality fence which is rare in saws.

To give you best and high-level cuts, it has included a low vibration unit and cast-iron frame which gives much comfort and smooth processing.

Moreover, it includes many desirable yet common features which are necessary for the best band saw to include to deliver an advance quality result.

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8. WEN 3959 Band Saw

best budget bandsaw

When you purchase a machine, it is for saving your time and energy by making your work easier and quicker.

The WEN 3959 band saw provides the desirable as per every customer’s need.


  • Affordable
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • Dust port
  • Rip fence included
  • Great gauge feature


  • Blade drifts
  • Tabletop is not correctly flat

With a 2.5-amp motor, this best band saw of WEN is capable of 2500 FPM blade speeds and delivers the best result quickly and efficiently.

The best band saw for the money, this is capable of deep cuts up to 3.5 inches.

Also, it can create 45-degree level cuts with the help of its tilting table.

On the other hand, a rip fence and miter gauge are included with a 2.5 inches dust port vacuum attachment built-in.

Eventually, this can be considered one of the best budget band saw at this rate and with all these amazing features and qualities to make your work effortless.

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9. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw

best budget bandsaw

With such a low price and a small footprint, this POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw can be considered if you want good woodworking saw.


  • Low cost
  • Quick adjustment
  • 45-degree tilt
  • Perfect for wood-based projects
  • Easy blade replacement


  • Underpowered

The 11 3/4 -inch square tabletop of this best band saw tilts 45-degrees for angles cuts and can cut a depth of 2 inches in this position.

The POWERTEC band saw is perfect for wood cutting as it comes with the 2.5-amp, 0.5 horsepower motor spins at respectable 1725 RPMs.

Further, it features a quick-release blade tension lever, a blade window and a 2” dust port that keeps the space clean and dust-free.

In addition to this, it also contains a 2-inch dust port vacuum connection and a miter gauge for more advancement and comfortable work.

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10. ShopSeries RK7453 Band Saw

band saw reviews

One of the best band saws in the market at a much lower rate, this ShopSeries RK7453 band saw is worth giving a shot.


  • Affordable
  • Two-year warranty
  • 45-degrees angles cuts
  • Extra features
  • Flexible work-light


  • Bearing on only one side of the blade
  • Adjustment doesn’t work properly

Considering the low price of this best band saw, it contains a lot of best features like specs which are worth checking out.

The 2.3-amp motor allows you to cut up to 3 3/4 -inch thick wood and the die-cast aluminum tabletop tilts 45-degrees for angled cuts and runs smoothly.

On the other hand, other features include a micro-adjustable rack, built-in supple work light, and pinion blade guard adjustment to enhance precision and accuracy.

Eventually, this band saw comes with 2 years warranty which protects against any defect.

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Best Band Saw- Buyers Guide 

To buy and try the best band saw and know which one meets your needs, we have made a check-list or buying guide.

This is to help you buy a good and reliable band saw for your diurnal work and to get the benefit.

  • Uses

Before buying your best band saw, you need to confirm the job you have to complete with a band saw.

If your saw is versatile then only it can provide you with many benefits. The band saw can be used to make cuts and curves on woods.

On the other hand, besides for precise cuts, it can also be used for resawing thin strips of wood.

Thus, it is important to buy such bandsaw which can be used for everything.

  • Budget

Another most important factor that should be taken care of while purchasing the best band saw is its rate and uses.

If you decide to buy a reliable and durable band saw, then don’t go after some cheaper option.

Rather select a good and versatile product after reading band saw reviews and buy wisely.

  • Ease of uses

The best band saw should come with ease when it is designed to deliver the best quality and reliable work.

Also, the power tool, changing of blades and many other little tasks can be very exhausting if you are dealing with a bad model.

Moreover, if you are working with different materials then make sure your band saw fulfills all your demands.

  • Technical features

One of the important features that everyone should look in the best band saw is its technical factors and characteristics.

For example, powers, weight, different types and models are very significant to look while buying the brilliant band saw.

Additionally, the features can be differed from model to model and sometimes as per the price and size as well.



As many of the amazing band saw’s are expensive, you don’t want to go after a bad or wrong one and waste your money.

Plus, a lot of factors to consider before buying a good and versatile band saw.

Therefore, we have researched quite hard and presented you with the best band saws which all can be used regularly for many small and big projects.

At this point, you can go ahead, choose the best product and perform woodworking with precision. 

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